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Support and direction for your literary career.

Business Consultation

Publishing Consultation

Book a private consultation with a professional publisher to discuss strategies on getting your next project published with a traditional Big-5 publisher, a boutique publishing house, a vanity press or how to self-publish. Get real insider information so you can create a tailor-made publishing strategy.

Consultations are provided by phone or Zoom conferencing.

Project Development Consultation

You’ve got incredible ideas, but just can’t seem to get them organized into a functional project. Maybe you can’t seem to create a formula to connect with your target reader, or turn your project into a fan-magnet?

It’s time to get help from a Write On Press Project Manager. Book your consultation today and get your project moving again!

Consultations are provided by phone or Zoom conferencing.

Connect with a Write On Press Literary Consultant for your next project!


Write On Press currently offers two consultative services to pro-writers and indie-authors.

Click below for details on the publishing and project development consultation. Appointment times are limited. Sign up for your phone or Zoom conference with a professional literary consultant today!

Publishing Consultation
Pro Dev Consultation
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