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Write On Writer's

Let's get you into the literary world... Your fans are waiting!

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The Program:


The Write On Writer's program is a paid professional development and career training program, specifically designed for aspiring professional writers and independent authors.


You will develop your professional literary skills by completing assigned work from the Write On Press Editorial Department at four professional levels: Ghost Writer I, Ghost Writer II, Staff Writer I, & Staff Writer II.


Each level focuses on specific skills development that align with the your literary career goals. As you progress through the four levels, your rate of pay increases, but the assignments also get more challenging. 


No doubt about it, this program will force you to stretch an grow as a literary professional. 


Next Steps:


Complete the form below and an Author Service representative will contact you with additional information about the program and the application process.


If you have specific questions, you may contact Author Services directly at: or use the form on the Contact Us page.



Please note that you will need to submit a writing sample to demonstrate your level of expertise in the category and genre that you indicate as your specialization. All applicants will not be accepted and priority will be given to applicants who are referrals of current participants. This program has a limited capacity and decisions regarding applications are typically delayed until just prior to the quarterly start of each new participant group (January, April, July, & October). 

Write On Writer's Program
Application Form

Thanks for your submission! This program is currently full. We'll email you when enrollment reopens.

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