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The Write On

Your first step to literary success!

New Updates

Launching in 2024!

Write On Institute will be launching our first courses in Fall, 2024! Courses will include:

  • WOI/1000 series - Success Strategies for the Professional Writer,

  • WOI/2000 series - Building the Successful Independent Author, and

  • WOI/3000 series - Writing for the Modern Literary Industry.

Each series includes 10 or more classes that offer you the foundation you need to launch your literary career to the next level. Keep reading for details and your chance to pre-register for admission and program updates.

This is where your journey begins!

Every journey begins with one step. By signing up for a Write On Institute course, you are ensuring that your first steps are the right ones. Every professional needs to educate themselves on how to strategically navigate their industry. The same holds true for literary professionals.


Whether you are just starting, restarting or starting over, you deserve your best possible shot at success. That starts with the right preparation in your field. That's what we offer at Write On Institute!

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Pre-Register for Admission

Write On Press is committed to providing the most relevant support and resources for aspiring pro-writers and indie-authors. For over 10 years we've provided creators with what they need to advance their literary careers.

Now, Write On Press has created the Write On Institute, an online learning platform that will train writers how to strategically and successfully navigate the modern literary industry.

Write On Institute will provide courses that offer practical instruction on how to become a functional and profitable creator in the literary field, with classes developed by publishers, editors, and literary agents - not just other writers.

Make your next step your best one. Pre-register for a Write On Institute course today for details, updates and to reserve your seat before classes fill up!

Courses - Fall 2024

Take the next exciting steps on your literary journey!


WOI/1000 - Pro-Writers

In Success Strategies for the Pro-Writer, you'll learn the necessary skills to effectively prospect and negotiate jobs, develop and market your brand, and become the type of professional writer that publishers hunt for. Whether you are a fiction or non-fiction creator; if you are seeking success as a professional writer, this course is for you! [Includes 1/2 credit toward CIA]


WOI/2000 - Indie-Authors

In Building the Successful Independent Author, you'll learn the fundamentals of building an audience and fan base, project development, contract negotiation, literary agency, marketing your work, and much more. This course will prepare you to work with publishers and editors, or to self-publish and manage your own projects from conception to global distribution. [Includes 1/2 credit toward CIA]

WOI-3000 - Writing for the Modern Literary Industry

In Writing for the Modern Literary Industry, you'll learn the strategic methods of literary production that professional editors and publishers look for in writers they contract with. You'll also learn the strategies and tactics that will turn your projects into fan-magnets and turn your fans into evangelists for your next work. This class helps you define and attain your definition of literary success! [Includes 1/2 credit toward CIA]

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