Write On Press at NOMAI

NOMAI is a subsidiary of Smothers Academy, Inc., a Louisiana Corporation and educational collaborative whose mission is to inspire and educate digital learners and aspiring media professionals through its productions, programs and workshops.

As technologies continue to evolve, creative thinkers will be needed to create the content that makes television, movies, music and even everyday products more engaging. With an education in media arts at NOMAI, we will strive to meet that demand.

While NOMAI's principal focus is the music and film industry, a partnership with a local publishing company with the focus and ability of Write On Press is a natural fit. Even more, it's an alliance that offers independent authors access to gain an incredible amount of value and opportunity, including:


  • Access to educational development resulting in a Certification in Independent Authorship,
  • The ability to publish, market and distribute locally, nationally, and globally,
  • Freedom to publish in a variety of medium,
  • Option to network with film producers, screenplay writers and professionals in the television industry that can further your literary career.
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