Hey everybody! My brother and I really appreciate you guys visiting and checking out all of the cool apps we have for your kids.


Our dad says that in order to do good business, we have to make products that deliver real value for our customers. So we decided to make apps that are fun AND educational. We didn't stop there either. SInce our dad is an All Pro Dad, he suggested we team up with APD at our school and use our apps as way to raise funds for our chapter of All Pro Dads so they can use the money to pay for super cool events and programs for kids just like us.


Well, it seems like our dad gave us some really good ideas, because everyone we've talked to about J&S has gotten really excited!


Check below to see if your school or school district has joined the J&S family yet. If they have, click the link and check out the apps we've developed for your school so far. If you don't see your kid's school, send us a note by clicking the "contact us" button. Our dad will reach out to you and your school, PTA or chapter of All Pro Dads to get you guys signed up.


Thanks again,


Josiah & Savoye' Sharrieff,

Co-CEOs, J&S Applications

CHISD Longhorns

Smothers Academy

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

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