Publishing Services FAQs:

Digital Publishing:


1. Can Write On Press publish my manuscript as an e-book?


We certainly can! Bring us your press-ready manuscript and cover art and we can get your work published and globally distributed in no time at all.


2. What does "press-ready" mean?


Press-ready means that your manuscript has been proofed, copyedited and formatted, and you have your cover art prepared. At this point in the publishing process, your work is ready to go to press and then enter the marketplace. If you haven't gotten your project this far yet, check out our Pre-Press Services.


3. Can you publish my book with a hardcover?


Unfortunately, we're not able to offer a hardcover publishing service at a reasonable price. When we find a solution that provides the quality of service we demand for our clients at a reasonable cost, we'll definitely offer it. Until then, we are able to publish trade paperback editions in several cut sizes so you can get your book onto bookshelves.


4. You guys can put my book into a mobile app!?!


We sure can! JSApps, a subsidiary of Write On e-Publishing, can take your manuscript and convert it into a static android mobile app distributed globally on Google Playstore.


If you've got questions that we haven't addressed above, click here and send us your questions. We'll get you some feedback within 1 - 2 business days.


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